Litigation & Paralegal Services

Need a lawyer?Our Legal Subsidary Firm – Al Bahar & Associates Advocates and Legal Consultant- a Law Firm based in the U.A.E. – provides of Legal and Paralegal Service through its delegated lawyers, legal consultants, legal advisors and paralegal officers.

Litigation Services

  • Civil and Commercial Disputes
  • Arbitration and Contracting Disputes
  • Real Estate and Rental Disputes
  • Labor Disputes
  • Criminal Cases
  • Family Disputes and Sharia’ a Issues


  • Drafting notice
  • Legal opinion (verbal/written)
  • Conciliation
  • Annual Retainer ship Services agreement
  • Drafting / reviewing Contract Agreements
  • General Power of Attorney services
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Drafting wills according to national law of testator in compliance with Sharia law

Debt Collection Services

  • Amicable settlement through mediation on Business to Business Debts
  • Resolving Bounced or Returned Cheque Issues
  • Collection of unpaid invoices through mediation or fair debt collection practices
  • Trade Debt Collection
  • International Debt Collection