Dubai landlord must give 12 months’ notice

I have been living in my flat for 3,5 years and my landlord just asked me to move out in 4 months time when the contract is up. He says he wants to move back in with his family. The landlord should give me 12 months’ notice by law. Is that correct?

That is correct, no eviction from a property can take place unless the Landlord has served a 12-month Notary Public notice.

A growing number of landlords have started giving 12-month notice to tenants, served at the time of signing of the tenancy contract, stating the apartment needs to be vacated after the lease expires as they plan to sell the unit or they want to move in.

It is correct based on Article 25, clause 2 of Law no 33 of 2008 in the Emirate of Dubai states that your landlord has to give you at least 12 months’ notice to vacate the property, this has to be in writing and sent via a Notary Public or registered mail as per the Law.

(These notices fall under the regulations laid down in Article 25 of Law 26 of 2007 (as amended by Law 33 of 2008) regulating relationship between Landlords and Tenants in the Emirate of Dubai.)

“Landlord may demand eviction of tenant upon expiry of tenancy contract limited to the following cases:

  • If the owner wishes to demolish the property for reconstruction or to add new constructions that prevent tenant from benefitting from the leased property, provided that necessary licenses are obtained;
  • If the property requires renovation or comprehensive maintenance which cannot be executed while tenant is occupying the property, provided that a technical report issued by Dubai Municipality or accredited by it is to be submitted to this effect;
  • If the owner of the property wishes to recover the property for use by him personally or by his next of kin of first degree provided that he proves that he does not own a suitable alternative property for that purpose;
  • If the owner of the property wishes to sell the leased property;

And for the purposes of clause (2) of this Article, landlord must notify tenant with reasons for eviction at least 12 months prior to the determined date of eviction subject that such notice be sent through the Notary Public or by registered mail.”